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it's hard to believe it's been nearly five months since craig and i got married, but somehow time has flown and now we're here.
i'm iffy about sharing things about our wedding. blogging is a double-edged sword. i love being able to share things with you, from funny to serious to really really serious, but doing so gives the expectation that i'll share everything. and while i loved our wedding, i don't know that i want to rehash every little thing here. i don't really have any good reason not to other than i just don't want to.

i never really got nipped by the bride bug. i never got into the serious details, didn't really care about having everything perfect and literally had to be pushed by my wedding planner to make big decisions. getting my dress was sort of anti-climactic, and i bought my flowers from whole foods two days before the wedding. i just sort of wanted my wedding to happen without doing a lot of work.
in the end, craig and i threw a very meaningful and fun day for our family and friends, full of all the things we love in life. it might not have been the most glamorous wedding on the block, but it was ours and i wouldn't change anything about it for the world.
so i don't think i'm any sort of authority in telling anyone how they ought to plan their wedding. in fact, i'm probably the antithesis of the person you should be taking advice from when it comes to weddings. however, i can't rave enough about the fine folks over at the hotel marlowe, especially ellie who held my hand and dragged me away from my family when they started driving me bonkers, and my dear friend zac wolf, who took our photos and helped me remember the important things, like being in love and enjoying every second.
if you'd like to see some more photos, you can see them over on zac's blog and storyboard wedding. yes, somehow my wedding got featured on a wedding blog and i didn't freak the eff out. no, i don't know what's wrong with me.

// all photos by my incredibly talented friend zac wolf

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