taking stock

Making: summer memories with all my friends
Cooking: big batches of pasta salad for lunch
Drinking: shandy and champs
Reading: still the art of fielding, soon unbroken
Wanting: a lean closet
Looking: at the bright side
Playing: with all my friends as much as i can
Wasting: less. hopefully.
Wishing: that there were more hours in the day
Enjoying: cherries
Waiting: on the world to change
Liking: all the wines
Wondering: if life ever gets easier
Loving: toby having fun in the sun
Hoping: for an endless summer
Marveling: at how quickly time is passing
Needing: a day of pampering
Smelling: the scent of clean hair
Wearing: a t-shirt and spandex
Following: i have this thing with floors
Noticing: how my body has changed over the years
Knowing: i'm loved
Thinking: of how much i love my friends
Feeling: tired, but happy
Bookmarking: this and this
Opening: my beach bag more often
Giggling: over silly youtube videos with girlfriends at the beach
Feeling: like this has been a great summer

taking stock 1

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