about that time i cut my hair

every so often, i do a big chop. i grow my hair out, mermaid style, and then something snaps. this year, i got hot. my hair felt like a thick blanket on my back all the time. it was hot. even when i braided it, it draped around me and just made me more and more sweaty. so after thinking about it for a few weeks (aka sweating a lot more), i decided to cut my hair. a lot of my hair.
i went to the jsd group on newbury street, in case you were wondering. the salon is super nice, and nate was amazing. he also kept feeding me rosé to make the cut easier on my soul.
2014-09-05 17.30.31
soooo. i bet you're all wondering how i looooook.
2014-09-05 18.56.25
ta da! also these photos were taken by my rad friend elizabeth, who graciously agreed to come to the salon with me in case i cried (spoiler alert: i didn't cry! i did, however, cry in the shower two days later). she also went out for drinks with me to simultaneously mourn and celebrate my hair.
2014-09-05 18.56.33
i'm still getting used to it, but so far i'm diggin' it. it's nice and breezy, and it takes me approximately 2 seconds to comb it after i shower. so, ya know, perfect for my lazy self.

anywho, this post seems super vain so imma stop now. I'M OUT.

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