fall capsule challenges

now that i'm inching closer to the start of my fall capsule collection, i'm starting to really weed out my clothes and figure out what i really need, and what i think i can do without. the biggest issue i've discovered, however, is finding a wide range of versatility in my wardrobe.
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while my office isn't super formal, there is a difference between what i wear there and what i normally wear on the weekends. so i've been looking for versatile pieces that can easily swing between casual weekend hang-around outfits and a polished office outfits.

normally, i really love wearing dresses to work, but i think i'm only going to include one or two of them in my capsule. to give myself more options, while still keeping my legs free at work, i'm going to include more skirts along with two pairs of dressier pants. i think this will help me find more options, and maybe i'll find ways to dress down my work bottoms.

the other big challenge is the changing weather. october through december in new england is a toss up. it'll start getting colder after thanksgiving, so that throws a wrench into my plans. what i'm thinking is i'll include lighter jackets at the beginning, and if it gets cold enough, i'll permanently swap those out for my heavier winter coats. does that sound fair?

so what do you guys think? and if you're doing a capsule, i'd love to hear how you're handling these sorts of issues!

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