hot thoughts

after a brief hiatus, the heat is back in boston, and it's been clouding my thoughts. a lot. like in an "i-can't-think-of-what-to-blog-because-i'm-too-busy-standing-in-front-of-my-air-conditioner" sort of way. guys. it's bad.

september already looks mighty busy, but in a good way, so it's hard to complain. but here's some random things to get you through the mid-week slump.
+ the above is my dinner as of late. two mini pitas slathered with ricotta (full fat!) and sliced cherry tomatoes on top. sprinkle on as much salt and pepper as you please.
+ i've been loving chambray in the kitchen (see my above napkin), and clearly apartment therapy read my thoughts. i'll take one of each, thank you very much.
+ i think i'm going to start a capsule wardrobe this fall, so i'm spending september thinking about what i want to include in it. after a (mostly) successful august spending freeze, i'm being more conscious about what i add into my closet. these wedges made the cut, and i'm also thinking of adding more everlane goodies in there. specifically this top and this top. i'm already picturing the great outfits they'll go with.
+ who knew retirement communities could be so crazy? not i, friends. not. i.
+ bonus longread this week: notes on an eating disorder. it's...poignant.

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