oh, hello there

i've talked about how hard it can be to make friends as an adult before (like, literally talked. in a vlog. watch it). it can be super daunting, especially when it seems like a lot of other people have settled into their own long-term friend groups. where do i fit in? how can i build meaningful relationships?! will they like me??!!! but i've learned the best way to make new friends is to just say hello.
Hello by Lindt
i've also found a great way to bond is over food. when i meet people who like the same foods as me or, who better yet, introduce me to new food, i know it's a match made in heaven. i mean really, food speaks to my soul. in that same light, lindt recently released a new line of chocolates, appropriately named hello, and they are delicious. i shared them with some new friends this weekend, and we all agreed they're delightful (my absolute favorite is the salted caramel).
Hello Salted Caramel
make sure you check out lindt's "it started with hello" videos on youtube to learn more about making connections and to find out how some really awesome youtube stars and celebrities have made their most meaningful connections! the awesome folks over there are giving away a ton of prizes (four weeks' worth!); make sure you enter and see what you can win!

* this post is sponsored by lindt, but all opinions are my own

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