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you might have guessed by now, but if you didn't know, i'm a fan of exercising. i like running, i like spinning, i like barre classes (i don't like zumba or pilates though). i'll give every exercise a shot at least once. except maybe crossfit. i don't think that's for me.
having a healthy lifestyle can be a finicky thing. especially if you're someone, like me, who's had issues with weight and eating in the past. i don't exercise to have the thinnest thighs, a super flat stomach or skinny arms. i exercise to challenge myself, to push my limits and to continue leading a healthy lifestyle.

but it's hard to remember that sometimes. i see so many women who are focused on a dress size, a number of inches lost or the ever elusive number on the scale. and when i hear or see too much of that, it overwhelms me. and it scares me! it makes me start to think unhealthy thoughts. should i be skinnier? should my thighs be thinner? i should be able to fit into those pants!!!

i know there are some people who thrive on that take on fitness. who can look at a number on a scale, decide they want to be somewhere else, hit that goal and maintain that lifestyle. but i know that's just not me. i know the second i start to fixate on any number, i lose focus on myself and what healthy actually is for me. and it can take me a long time to get everything back into focus.

so hey, here it is. my name's alex. my thighs aren't the thinnest around, and my calves don't fit into skinny jeans. my stomach is flat if i suck it in and my arms could probably be smaller, but i don't really care. my legs have carried me through two marathons, countless half marathons and thousands of miles in between. i can (usually) have a solid 90 second plank, and i have a mean tricep dip. i have no idea how much i weigh and i really don't give a shit. and maybe, just for a day, you shouldn't either.

but my booty is pretty great so heeeeyyyyyyyyyy.

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