building a capsule wardrobe

building a capsule wardrobe
we're here! it's october 1st! it's time to start my fall capsule! it seemed super intimidating at first, and i even procrastinated it for a while, but i finally took caroline's advice and took everything out of my closet. i ended up purging a lot, which was much needed. this has been a real kick in the pants to just get rid of all that stuff i was senselessly holding on to.

i got my closet down to exactly 37 items. i started with my shoes, which i thought might be the easiest but actually proved to be rather difficult. i didn't get a picture of them, but i think i have good range. i even included a pair of heels and wedges! it was really toward the end, going through my different t-shirts, that i really started feeling overwhelmed. i decided early on there was no way i could include workout clothes in this mix, but i love wearing t-shirts! i decided to venture out of my comfort zone and use this season to diversify my wardrobe and stop depending on my t-shirts.

i learned through this process that i really like blue, though. many many many shades of blue. so maybe for my next capsule, i'll try to bring in more of a range of colors. but for now, we're rocking blues.

overall, i have nine shoes, nine bottoms (a mix of skirts, denim and pants), two dresses, 14 tops and three jackets/blazers/general outerwear. WHEW.
capsule closet
highlights include: my tried and true field jacket, a pair of light, dark and very dark denim, a long sleeve chambray and its sister sleeveless version, a pair of drapey pants, one trusty v-neck shirt, and a quilted vest.

so here we go! this is it until december! i'm not going to post all my outfits, but i promise to share a few of them along the way. wish me luck!

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