links for your lunchbreak

i was out late on a school night last night, so instead of morning links you're getting lunchtime links.

you're welcome.
if you haven't been to follain, go.
+ lots of people with poor or no credit are looking to rent different things in america, and the washington post gave an interesting look into how this really effects americans.
+ boston college put up a cayoot "shake it off" video and taylor swift TWEETED AT THEM. color me green with envy.
+ speaking of taytay, if you haven't heard "out of the woods" yet there it is and i hope you love it as much as i do.
+ sale alert! take an extra 30% off all sale styles at madewell with the code pickmeup.
+ there's a super cool kickstarter going on for a super cool and modern dog puzzle toy. toby loves puzzle toys (they keep him busy for hours) so if you have a food-motivated dog definitely look into this.

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