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+ i read this story about madewell and its true history, and it kind of blew my mind. i mean, i didn't think madewell had this huge storied history (it is owned by j.crew, after all), but it was really interesting to learn about the real family behind the name.
+ i picked up this brush a little while ago, and it's been great at quickly and gently combing out my tangles post-shower.
+ great news! the vince store has opened at wrentham village premium outlets! i'm anxious to get down there and check out all of the amazing clothes.
+ make sure you're entering to win lindt's weekly prizes! there's tons of awesome stuff over there!
+ the young women who are making changes in how college's address sexual assault are really women to be admired. really. let's all advocate for change.

i hope you all have a great, relaxing weekend. really. hasn't this week felt like forever?

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