on bouncing back after an injury

a few weeks ago, i basically ate shit on a run. i was zipping through beacon hill on a new balance girls night out run with a bunch of friends, and i wasn't paying enough attention to the ground below me. i didn't notice the dip in the sidewalk, or the raised concrete of the curb. my toe hit the curb, and i hit the ground. someone told me it was a very graceful face plant, but i refuse to believe that.

i got up and i kept running, but i developed some nasty scrapes on my knees and wound up with a pretty serious pain in my foot. running was out of the question. november project, my love and my joy? yeah don't think i could run there and then try and squeeze out 37 sections. so i took a break.

as an athlete*, there are few things in this world worse than an exercise break. i've had a lot of pent up energy, and it's made me pretty cranky. after a few days, i could tell my foot was getting better, but i was in a conundrum. i'm running a half marathon in the beginning of november, and i was really hoping for a pr. but i didn't want to further injure my foot, but i also didn't want to lose precious training time.

so i've started with low-impact cardio. aka the elliptical. it's the bane of my existence. i hate the elliptical, and i hate gyms, but i love being healthy and running strong more. so i listened to my body and i've made a vow that i won't run on the streets until my foot is pain free.

this may seem super trivial, or super obvious, but i've heard of a lot of runners who ignore these sort of injuries and end up way worse off. and that's the last thing i want. so here's what i've learned: listen to your body. if something hurts, your body needs rest. so ice and stretch, and if necessary, go to your doctor. there's no need to make things worse.

* is it ok to call myself an athlete? i can never tell.

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