on family and what defines one

family is easy, right? you have your parents, maybe some siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. you have the person you choose to spend your life with, and then your family grows to include the people they call their family. easy.

but what happens when your family isn't exactly what everyone else defines it as? i may have many things in this world, but a large traditional family isn't one of them. for as long as i can remember, my "family" has been mostly made up of my mom's good friends. the people who were always there for us, who loved us unconditionally, they weren't what most people defined as family. but to us, they were everything.

i think, growing up with this hodge podge family, i've begun to see that family doesn't always mean blood. because, in reality, your blood can turn on you and abandon you. but the people you choose to love, they make a different kind of family. a family you've made.

i lucked out in having a pretty swell sister, who has helped me in times of need. but i also have girlfriends who are sisters to me. i have a huge network of people who have wound their way into the fabric of my life, and i wouldn't have it any other way. and while i have arguably the world's best mom, i have lots of other women in my life who i can look up to and to whom i can talk my problems through.

family is what you make it. family is what's there through thick and thin. family isn't easily defined, but you know who they are.

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