on want and need and differentiating the two

i've been guilty of saying i need things often. i need this dress. i need to do something with my hair. i need i need i need.

but there's a very big difference between things we need in life, and things we want. i've been trying to make a more conscious effort to use the correct word when i'm talking. but why does it even matter?

i've started to realize i'm really lucky. for a long time, it felt like the universe was out to get me, life wasn't fair, and other pretty dramatic shit. and i think, i've finally hit the point in my life where i'm past the bullshit. i don't care as much about what people think of me, and i'm done doing things to make other people happy. i'm super lucky that i have so many awesome friends who care about me, that i have such a great family, and that at 20, i met my soulmate.

so i don't really need anything else in my life. i'm lucky enough to be able to afford the clothes and food i want. like the cheeseburger i'm craving for lunch.

i think we live in an interesting world. it's so full of possibilities and excitement, but i think a lot of people get caught up in keeping up with everyone else. a lot of people think they need everything in the world to make them complete.

so let's celebrate all the amazing things we have in our lives! enjoy every moment! and remember the difference between want and need.

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