fall capsule: month one

hey! so i made it through my first month of my capsule wardrobe. and that's pretty cool! it's been a little weird, to be honest. at times it's felt restrictive, and i've definitely said "i don't have anything to wear," a few times. but i pull it together and i get out the door.
i haven't been terribly inventive with my outfits, but i think that's because i've been getting used to a smaller wardrobe. i have, however, gotten inventive with my lip colors. because now i'm a woman who wears lipstick. duh.

i must admit that i've made a few swaps in my wardrobe since i started. it got cold way faster than i anticipated here in boston, so i swapped out my field jacket for a heavier coat. i traded my white converse for these sweet new balance sneaks, and i traded a plain white popover for a fun plaid one.

i'm going to try to get a few more outfit posts up this month, but try is the operative word in that sentence. we'll see. i'm lazy.

anyway, there's my quick update. anyone else doing a capsule wardrobe and running into these issues?

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