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men, you're probably going to want to head away for today and come back tomorrow or the next day. because today, we're talking about bras.
a few weeks ago, i was invited into intimacy in the copley place mall for a bra fit styling. being a woman, i've been fitted for bras a billion times in the past. you know how they go: the stylist whips out the tape, tells you a size, and then you're off to pick out some bras.

but this was different! i met with my amazing stylist, jessie, and she brought me into a dressing room. we talked about what i was looking for; what i do and what i wear regularly. you know, so she could get to know me as a person, not just some gal who's gonna buy a bunch of bras. and then she told me something that rocked my world. they don't measure with tape. nope. no scary tape telling you crazy numbers. they bring you bras they think will work with you, and they adjust from there! so they'll see where something doesn't fit, like REALLY SEE, and then adjust as necessary. it's amazing.

intimacy curates a collection of european brands, and they're all beautiful, unique and sexy. even the basic bras, you know your everyday bras, have details that will make your heart swoon. i'm talking dainty bows and pretty polka dots. the little things that really just make you feel good about what you're wearing. oh! and the underwear! it matches! it's adorable.

and the best part! they'll mark down what you like and shapes that work best on you in your online profile, so when you go back you'll know exactly what you need. they'll teach you everything you need to know about caring for your undergarments

intimacy has sixteen locations and an online shop, so you never have to go without the perfect fit. i'd show you what i got, but i don't think my mother would appreciate that (hi mom!). just know i got something very ladylike and fun.

if you're in boston, i HIGHLY recommend making an appointment and see what the hype is all about.

intimacy {bra fit sylists}
copley place
100 huntington avenue
boston, ma 02116

disclosure: i was provided a complimentary bra set for attending a media event. all opinions are my own. aka i'm going back and buying everything asap.

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