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the week started so beautifully and ended a little soggy, but hey it's the weekend and that's pretty cool.
+ this week i popped by follain (which i've talked about before!), and nabbed some new beauty products. seriously, if you live in boston, i highly recommend dropping by and talking to the fabulous ladies there about why you should rethink your skincare. they'll teach you everything you need to know. anna wrote a great post all about our night there! read that too!
+ have you ever wondered who really rebuilt new york after hurricane sandy two years ago? a lot of them were undocumented immigrants, and they shared their stories with buzzfeed.
+ have you been listening to serial? yeah? it's amazing, right? no? get on that! it's great!!

i hope you all have a great weekend! enjoy some rest and relaxation. seriously. do it.

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