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mid-week holidays always throw me through a loop so let's just get to the links, shall we?
+ have you been listening to serial? it's a new podcast from the creators of this american life and my god it's just so good. it's like an episode of law and order but without the tv and with real-life crime. if you're a fan of TAL then i think you'll really like this. or if you like crime stories. i mean really, i think anyone will like it. i anxiously await thursdays each week so i can listen to a new episode. i never want it to end!
+ speaking of serial, is it a display of white reporter privilege? this is an interesting critique of the true crime podcast, and while i don't necessary agree, i think it makes good points and i can see where the author is coming from. worth checking out if you're already a serial fan.
+ on kindness, because it's important.
+ a relaxing playlist just because.

that's all for today. have a great weekend!

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