on work/life balance

sometimes, it can be hard to find balance. between friends and family and work and blogging and being an introvert and needing time alone, it can be hard. where do you give? where do you take? when do you start losing your mind?
the work/life balance is the trickiest one, i've found. i spend a lot of time at work. five days out of seven, and most of my waking hours on those five days. oh and weekends? yeah, since i work in social media, i'm pretty much always checking feeds and making sure questions are answered. it can be nonstop if i don't set boundaries.

when i started at simmons last august, i knew i had to create boundaries. i needed to have dedicated "me" time away from work. as much as i don't like to think about it, i'm a brand too, and my social media profiles need attention and lovin' when i'm not focusing on the school's feeds. so i gave myself some rules. i could check the school's feeds up to three times during non-working hours in a day. i'll usually do it first thing in the morning to ensure there haven't been any late-night crises, after dinner and just before bed. and it's not checking every tweet i missed. it's just a quick check of mentions, and posting anything i think is important.

that leaves my time at home for me, for craig, for toby and for my friends and family. it ensures that while i'm out to lunch with my mom on the weekends, i'm not constantly scrolling through to check mentions or see how many likes our photos get. they'll be there when i get to them. and i like to think that people understand if the college doesn't respond back in 90 seconds to a question.

i'm human, and i've learned that my job is not my life. so there's no reason to let it take over my every waking moment.

so i'm really curious how you all manage to balance it all. please, let's talk. because even though i have these plans in place, they can always use improving.

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