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now that the holiday season is here, there are a bajillion gift guides out there. like everywhere. and i feel like it's hard to add more to that space because what else is there to say? BUT! i'm a huge proponent for hostess gifts. always. all the time. flowers are always a good go-to, but there are other fun things you can hand off, so here are three ideas you can stockpile and have handy for the hostess with the mostest.
Hostess Gifts
lucky you bottle opener | this west elm bottle opener is adorable and functional. i feel like i'm always losing bottle openers, or when you're having a party you could always use more than one. so this! adorable and funny and they'll think of you whenever they crack open a beer! and at $12, you can pick up a few and keep them handy without breaking the bank.

icon bath tray | a soap dish is a fun addition that some people never think of. it can go in the kitchen or the bathroom, and you can really make it a complete gift by including a nice soap as well. i think bar soaps in a nice dish can be more aesthetically pleasing than a pump soap, so maybe your hostess will agree.

voluspa tin candle in french cade lavender | i recommend this scent to just about everyone i meet. it's a pretty, but also masculine, smell. to me, it smells a bit like cologne, but not too strong. like a man just left the room. or something. but anyway, it's a scent that won't offend a woman or a man. everyone needs it. so hand some over to your friends! plus, if you're in a pinch and need candles for your own home, you can dip into your stockpile.

there you have it! three options for your holiday hostesses! oh! and if you have a stand-by you always grab, i'd love to hear it!

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