merry everything, happy always

so i should have put this up a while ago, but i'm taking a bit of a break this holiday season from the blog.
one, it's the holidays, so i'll be hanging out with my family and enjoying every second with them. but also, i feel like i've hit a rut with this blog. and i'm not inspired and i don't feel like i have a lot to contribute to the internet right now. and i promised myself a year ago i wouldn't post just to post anymore.

so i'll be back. soon. very soon! once i'm inspired and i have things to share with you all. things you want to read. i promise.

so with that, i hope you all have a fantastic christmas or enjoy the end of hanukkah. and if i don't make it back here before the new year (i might come back with a video, but that's if i can get off my lazy ass and actually film/edit it), have a wonderful and beautiful new year. may 2015 bring as much joy as 2014 did.

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