weekend links

+ this weekend, head down to wrentham village premium outlets. i know you think i'm crazy because it's going to be swamped for the holidays, but hear me out. on saturday, they'll be giving randomly selected ​customers two Simon gift cards: one to keep, and one to share with a fellow shopper encouraging the giving spirit of the holiday's. they'll also have carolers and extended holiday hours. seriously, it's going to be a great time (and you might just see me there)!
+ an interesting article about why cheryl strayed's book "wild" is so popular. i'm a huge fan of the book and can't wait for the movie, so this was super interesting to me.
+ my favorite music mashup of the year is out! the 2014 united states of pop is out, and it's amazing. give it a listen.
+ and everyone needs a few tears on a friday, right? here's your weekly dose of tears.

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