#barre3challenge (or a new year resolution)

hello! i'm back! did you miss me? are you even supposed to ask questions like that? anywho, i'm back and trying to get back into the swing of things.

new years mean new resolutions. after reading this post from into mind, i realized i didn't want to have any lofty goals. i wanted three goals i knew i could really focus on. i want to drink more water because, well, i should. so that one's easy. i use my jawbone app to track how many glasses of water i'm drinking during the day. so far, i've felt happier and more full and just, well, healthy. hooray!

i want to think less negative thoughts, and that's a post for another day, but i really want to talk about my third goal. to be happier with my appearance. i've struggled with how i look for a while now. i'm generally happy. i exercise and all the good stuff, but i've definitely put on some pounds and don't love it. my stomach isn't as flat as i'd like and my thighs are...well...runner's thighs. it's not fun, and i don't like looking in the mirror and not loving myself.
so i'm doing something about it! i'm running less and focusing more on working my whole body. this is where the barre 3 challenge comes in. i saw it on facebook and thought about it for a while. i really like barre workouts, but they're really expensive at studios. and as much as i'd like to think i'm made of money, i'm really not and i can't totally afford $30 classes. barre 3 allows you to workout at home for just $15 a month. $15! you get full access to all their classes, from 10 minute bursts to full hour-long workouts.

for the challenge, i'm doing four hour-long workouts a week, one 10-minute burst and cooking one of their recipes. for four weeks! when i signed up for the challenge, barre 3 sent a fun package with goodies to keep me motivated. and once my four weeks is up, i'm going to decide if i want to sign on for the full year. it's $120, which rounds out to $10 a month. not too shabby for a workout i can do at home or on the road.

i've already done a few workouts over my vacation, and i've really liked it so far. i can feel my body working and changing, way more than when i was working out on my own at the gym. my arms are looking a little less large, and i don't feel as shitty about myself.

i know there's a lot of work to do inside my head to really get this resolution going, but i think this is a good start for me. so i'll let you know how i like it!

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