city scenes

i haven't really taken my camera out lately, and that's been bumming me out. so with some time to spare before meeting some of my fab girlfriends out for drinks, i wandered about and took photos of lights so here they are. blurred because i was sort of feeling that way? winter is weird and messy and life always feels a little out of focus.

maybe i'm just trying to hard. whatever here they are.
Boston Twinkle Lights
Boston from Fort Point
Boston Blur on Purpose
meh could use some work.

being home for two days in the middle of the week was surprising and weird and oddly took a lot out of me. i can't explain why, but it did. i think the knowledge of not being able to do anything outside our apartment made me feel cooped up and anxious. but now it's really winter in boston and apparently there's more snow on the way? yeah, i'm a little over it now.

bring on spring!

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