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it's been a while since i shared some good links so let's DO THIS (fist pound emoji).
+ i loved this post on quartz about things people actually said to a blonde woman studying engineering at mit. i mean, it's kind of crazy. and sad? pretty sad. but kudos to this girl for looking at it and bringing it to people's attention.
+ i'm just about ready to clean out my entire t-shirt wardrobe and replace them with these awesome u-neck everlane t-shirts.
+ this special report from the hartford courant about a family navigating a child with autism is pretty touching and eye-opening. i highly highly recommend it.
+ also HUGE sale happening at anthropologie. i'm talking an extra 40% off sale with the code extraextra. get on it!
+ been overly obsessed with this song lately. i play it while i cook, i play it while i get ready in the morning, i play it on my way to work.

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