book notes

it's been a bit, so i figured i'd share what's been on my bookshelf, and what i'm adding to it.
+ yes please was as great as i was anticipating. i find amy poehler hilarious, and i just imagined we were best friends and she was telling me great stories. i think she's blunt and real, and she's incredibly talented. i wish it never ended.

+ craig gave me how to be parisian wherever you are for christmas, and i devoured it in about a day. it wasn't anything earth-shattering in terms of content, but i think the way they presented it was interesting. the authors wrote like they're talking to you directly, which is refreshing and funny. it's more like little stories than a novel, but it was a good light read in between longer, heavier books.

+ i'm currently reading alice sebold's book the almost moon, and i'm not going to lie, i'm a little disappointed. it's just...not as good as i had hoped. i don't know. i really liked the lovely bones, a lot. but this just is hard. the characters are chaotic, and the storyline is hard to follow. but i'm finishing it because i'm not a quitter (usually).

+ next on my list is the first bad man, miranda july's first novel. i'm excited to get it started, especially since my good friend sarah already did and has given it rave reviews. and i trust her with everything. especially book reviews. and cooking. but definitely book reviews. so yeah.

what about you? also i'm over on goodreads so if you are, add me!

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