on comparison

we're not supposed to envy our friends or covet their lives, but it can be really hard in today's age of sharing everything on the internet.
from perfect homes on facebook, to carefully curated instagrams, to even witticisms on twitter, it's hard not to compare yourself to others. does my home look as good? are my days just as darling as everyone elses? am i as funny as this girl i barely know? it's tough! it can be overwhelming! the questions! they just keep coming.

i've fallen victim to it before. my instagram is curated, for sure. i like to share the perfect parts of my life. the best photos. the greatest thoughts. but it's not everything. you should all know that the above photo isn't everything in my life. just out of frame in the top right? craig's computer and our ipad because we have no idea where we should put them (ever since we got rid of our desk it's been a struggle). to my bottom right? toby crying because i'm not playing with him. it's not all perfect.

i'd say i'm my most real on twitter, because it's a place for me to be funny and weird. i think there's less pressure for me there, because it's pretty easy to miss tweets. i figure most people don't see the bad ones. but still! i worry. when i put out a particularly funny quip and no one favorites it, i worry. when i ask a question and i hear no answers, i'm concerned. am i not doing this right? but, of course, i know that's not the case.

even though i know all this, it's still hard for me to remember when i see the perfect instagram. the funniest tweet. another photo of that one girl from high school's amazingly decorated home. i feel inferior. i wonder if i'm not doing enough. if i'm trying to hard. if anyone really cares about what i put out there compared to some of the greats.

reading articles like this one help. they help a lot. they bring me back down to earth.

i love social media. instagram is my favorite, though twitter is a close second. i love that i can share so much and meet so many new people. so while i don't think i'll be changing how i use them, i do think i'm trying to compare myself less in 2015. i'm pretty swell the way i am, if i do say so myself.

and so are you.

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