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since starting the barre3 challenge (which is still going well!), i've been focusing a lot on trying to eat better. you know, foods that fill and fuel versus those that fill but leave you craving something else 45 minutes later. and i'd be lying if i said it was easy.
for a long time, i didn't need to think about this. i had a super quick metabolism and i ate everything and barely gained weight. it was stupid. i ate stupid gross stuff (but not all the time) and didn't think twice. things like pasta, pizza, you know, a lot of carbs and processed things. not all the time, but enough. right out of college i moved in with craig and we were on different working schedules, so we ate at different times. and i just went with easy and quick, which didn't always lend itself to clean and healthy.

so now here i am, almost five years out of college, and i'm trying to turn it around. less carbs, less snacks. more whole foods. it's not new. i tried the whole30 that one time, and it was ok. but i didn't keep it up. and now i'm really realizing how important it is to creating a healthy lifestyle, and maybe losing those pesky pounds i desperately want to be rid of. now i'm shopping around the perimeters of the grocery store, researching foods and meals that will leave me full and energized. i'm drinking lots of water. i'm trying.

so while exercising is good, and i'm good at making it part of my lifestyle versus being forced into it, working food into my healthy lifestyle is a work in progress. but that's ok! i'm not perfect and i'm learning.

hopefully soon, i'll be sharing some recipes. i want to try these and test their ease and how much they fill me before i share. so soon! 

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