things to do in boston: fuel america

i don't know how this post hasn't happened sooner, but it's happening now and that's what counts. today i'm talking about my favorite coffee shop, fuel america. it's super close to my apartment, the staff is friendly and the coffee is out of this world.
fuel america
the regular drip coffee is strong and robust, and their lattes are works of art. i mean seriously. go look at their instagram. my personal favorite? the honey hazelnut latte. it's out of this world. they have amazing fresh pastries, from seasonal macarons (be still my basic heart) to scones to muffins. they have sandwiches and soups and pizzas and i've had the vast majority of them and they are all delightful.

it's a pretty big coffee shop, which is a huge bonus. since we're so close to boston college, there are a lot of college students around, and a lot of them also love fuel. they camp out there and study for their finals, and i camp out there and work on my writing and this blog. so you know, we're all there for the same thing.
fuel america coffee
the people who work there are the nicest in the world, and they're always ready to chat with you while you hang out or wait for a drink. they put a lot of effort and love into their food and drinks. they love the neighborhood, their customers and everything about boston. really, they're like a big family that i pretend i'm part of even though i'm just a customer.

hit it up if you're ever in the area. and then call me because i'll come and meet you in a heartbeat.

fuel america
152 chestnut hill avenue
brighton, ma 02135
you can also follow them on twitter and facebook

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