weekend links

a few links to get this weekend going. shall we?
+ my pocket is filled to the brim, but i managed to make it through this one about miscarriage. i've seen so many women in my life go through this with grace, and this piece was also pretty amazing. also, i realize this is an old piece, but it was linked in another pretty heartwrenchingly honest piece on buzzfeed.
+ lightening the mood, 2015 nfl bad lipreads! it's hilarious. make sure you watch it all the way through the end.
+ old! this longread has been sitting in my pocket for...months? that's embarrassing. but i'm vowing to make time to read it this weekend. it's all about the lack of asian leadership in technology, but it's really a larger issue on how asians are excluded from the idea of diversity. it's frustrating as an asian american, but important to recognize.
+ i find bikini bodybuilders oddly fascinating. clearly, i was drawn to this buzzfeed story about them and the culture surrounding their fitness.

i hope you all have a great weekend!

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