perspective after the barre 3 challenge

well, it's officially been four weeks (and change) since i started barre3 and the barre3 challenge. and while i can't say i lost any weight (because weighing myself is stupid), i do have some other observations to share.
i definitely feel stronger than i did four weeks ago. while my form isn't perfect all the time, i'm definitely finding ways to get deeper into postures and challenging myself more. and that's super fun. i've also found that i'm not a fan of hour-long workouts. my sweet spot is somewhere around 40-45 minutes, and barre3 has workouts that fit that time frame. once it gets longer, i find myself staring at the clock, or checking obsessively to see how much time is left. 40 minutes breezes by, and i still feel challenged.

my thighs definitely feel slimmer (aka my pants aren't as tight), so that's a good thing. my waist is also tighter, and buttoning pants doesn't feel so discouraging.

overall, i'm so glad i did this challenge and that i'm making barre3 part of my life. the recipes they provide are yummy, and perfect for people on the go. no, they did not pay me to say any of this. i just love it so much.

working out at home isn't for everyone. but if you're looking for something inexpensive to try, i highly recommend barre3. i made due without weights for the first week and still felt a burn in my biceps and triceps during the exercises. it really works. and it's really awesome.

so there you have it! a working-out-at-home convert. hooray!

also, the above outfit was bought entirely from marshalls for an awesome flywheel class i did. i'm serious. all from marshalls. we'll chat more about that later this week ;)

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