i promised on monday that i'd explain my cool marshalls outfit. so here i am! explaining! a few weeks ago, marshalls invited a bunch of bloggers to come to flywheel sports for a day of fun fitness. i mean seriously? sign. me. up.
Flywheel Shoes
i went to marshalls before the class and picked out a new outfit. because yolo. top, bottom AND sports bra were under $50, so i was beyond excited. plus, this isn't just chintzy workout gear. this is tough-as-nails new balance and nike, which i regularly pay way too much money for. so since i was looking good, i was feeling unstoppable.
i'm no stranger to spinning classes. i've tried a bunch in boston, but flywheel is different and it brings out my competitive side. the class itself is stadium style, so everyone can see the instructor and have the right form. the music is bumpin' the lights are dimmed, and you are free to rock out on your bike. the bikes require clip-in shoes (which flywheel provides!), and i honestly prefer these types of bikes. i feel more secure and less like i could break my shin at any point. they also put your performance stats on a board, which is where it gets competitive and i get weird.

guys. i always want to win. i want to be in the top 10 and have my score on the board. i want to be on top. it seriously helps push me to my limit and gives me a tough workout. huzzah! and at the end of class? marshalls threw us a baller party with fun giveaways, green juice from b.good (so good though) AND A PUPPY.
Flywheel Dog
i was in sweaty, sweaty heaven.

if you're looking for a hilarious recap, emily has you covered from start to finish. i was there, but reading her account still made me laugh. amanda's recap is also the bomb and also #propahbaby.

moral of the story? marshalls is where it's at for activewear and #bloggersnevercoast.

disclosure: i was provided a free spin class and activewear by marshalls. all opinions expressed are my own.

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