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it's been a while, hasn't it? i never intend to take these long breaks, but sometimes they need to happen. last week definitely tried my patience. my commute to work, which is just three miles, was taking over an hour every single day thanks to all the problems with the mbta. people were mean; they shoved me into corners, whacked me with their backpacks, the works! it was draining, just trying to get to and from work. so i didn't blog.

not much of a reason, right? but i made a promise that i wouldn't force my blogging, so i didn't. so what have i been doing? i caught up on my reading; i'm part of a little instagram called #thetravelinglibrary, and our first book is the first bad man by miranda july, so i finished that up. on the 28th, we'll all post a little review on instagram, so keep an eye out! then i started skin cleanse by adina grigore, which i plan on talking about more in depth here very soon. like as soon as i finish it. yay!

i surprised craig for his birthday with a staycation! we checked into the inn at st botolph on friday, and got to explore what it's like to live in back bay! the room was adorable (see above), and it was nice to do something different here in boston. we had drinks at towne and then dinner at beantown pho.

i took a class at flybarre and thought i was going to die. i mean that in the best way possible, though. if you like barre classes or things like that, i highly recommend checking it out. it kicks your booty, but it felt good to get sweating and moving on sunday morning. it is a bit pricey ($28 a class), so i don't know how often i'll be able to splurge for it, but i hope i can go every once in a while.

anywho, that's all from me. what have you been up to?

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