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i'll be the first to admit i'm somewhat of a homebody. you know, it's just kind of nice to hang out on my couch. but there are still times where i like to get dressed up, head out to a bar and hang with my friends. but lately, it's been getting harder and harder to drum up the motivation to get out. it's snowy (real snowy) and cold (real cold), and i am not a fan of waiting in line in all the elements to get in. and then when you get in? drinks aren't always cheap and bar tabs add up. then someone suggests bottle service. and they get looked at like they have 20 heads because who has money for bottle service?!

but a new app called tablelist is looking to change that.
tablelist hooks you up with the full VIP bar experience without having to know a guy who knows a guy. and they're doing it without charging you an arm and a leg, or forcing you to buy bottles upon bottles of alcohol. the app shows you a list of bars, clubs and lounges in your area, and you can decide where you want to go depending on what kind of experience you're looking for. wanna dance the night away? they have clubs for that. rather hang out and change? there's a list of lounges perfect for you.
when i first heard about it, it made me nervous. isn't bottle service super expensive? it seems like it, but when you break it down it's very manageable. drinks in boston are what, $10 or $12? if you and your friends put that money toward a bottle instead, you'll be drinking the same amount at your own table with your own server and a PLACE TO PUT YOUR COATS. how many times have i thought i lost my coat in a bar? too many to count. my gal pals and i booked a fun thursday night at GEM and were treated like royalty all night. we were brought in and seated right away (cutting lines ftw), our drinks were waiting for us when we got there, and we didn't have to worry about the bill at the end of the night.

you don't have to wait in line, the alcohol comes to you, and with their new pre-splitting feature you don't have to bustle around with who owes what at the end. it's perfect for those of us who never carry cash (cough me cough).

so you wanna try it? tablelist was kind enough to offer my readers $50 off your first booking with the code LITERALLYVIP. so get on it. and maybe invite me with you? plz?

disclosure: i was provided a complimentary night out on behalf of tablelist for the purpose of this review. all opinions are my own! 

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