winter layering essentials

winter is no joke nowadays. it's always cold and the wind is no joke any my god THE SNOW. it's a quad workout just to stay upright walking to work. so this is where alex teaches you how to layer when you have to walk a mile to work every day. all from asos, because asos is cheap and you're bound to lose at least one of these things on the train or in a bar/restaurant (which, hey boston, you should be visiting! and tipping well! because these people have had a shitty few weeks).
winter essentials
a hat is non-negotiable. i don't care if you wanted to do your hair. your head is one of the first places you lose heat, so keep it covered. and this one is cute! and burgundy! and life really is short. next, gloves! another non-negotiable! touchscreen-friendly is an added bonus so you're not stuck taking off your gloves a thousand times in the cold to text or something. plus the bows on these ones are beyond adorable. and a scarf! this is sort of negotiable i guess? it really depends on how high the collar of your coat goes, but for me scarves always get put on. this plaid one adds some pizzazz, but is still classic. plus it's huge so you can wrap it around to your hearts content. or, you know, depending on how cold it is. and lastly, an umbrella! this might seem weird. and this one's pretty optional. but sometimes the snow is super heavy and wet, so an umbrella will help keep you a little drier. you know, if you're into that sort of thing.

so there you have it! a little late in the season, but better late than never. what do you bundle up in?

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