taking stock: spring

Making: good choices
Cooking: more vegetables. i've noticed i don't eat as many as i ought to. so i'm trying to change it
Drinking: still iced coffee, wine and whiskey
Reading: skin cleanse by adina grigore. still.
Wanting: a change of scenery. you know, this snow is just too much
Looking: forward to some traveling in the near future
Playing: with my hair always
Wasting: money on food. though i guess that's not wasting...
Wishing: spring would just be here already
Enjoying: time spent with my family
Waiting: for decisions to be made
Liking: all everlane everything
Wondering: if things get easier when you get older
Loving: craig's patience with me
Hoping: i'm good enough
Marveling: in the amazingness of my friends
Needing: more sunshine
Smelling: toby. he smells like ritz crackers and fritos
Wearing: black, white, grey and navy constantly
Following: this story, which as scary as crap
Noticing: how cranky everyone is lately
Knowing: that things work out how they will
Thinking: i could be taking better care of myself
Feeling: tired all the time
Bookmarking: songs from the austin 100
Opening: new doors. i think
Giggling: with my fabulous girlfriends

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