race recap: spring classic 5k

yesterday i kicked off racing season with an easy 5k just over the river in cambridge! it was a beautiful day for running (sunny, a little chilly), and i was feeling loose and ready! the cambridge classic 5k series has three races: one in the spring, one in the fall and one in winter. the course is the same for each race, flat and fast.

while the beginning of the race was a bit congested (lol jk i mean a lot congested. like a lot a lot), i managed to pace myself pretty well. my runkeeper app was probably a little off (it's probably time to invest in a garmin), but my first mile was roughly 9:35. this was probably mostly due to the massive crowd at the start, but everyone eventually spread out. my second mile was 9:08, and i felt strong most of it. there were definitely times where i felt tired and my feet were a little heavy, and the road got congested as we moved onto a smaller residential street, but overall i knew negative splits could happen. my last mile was 8:59 and idk how i did that but MAN IT FELT GOOD. overall, i finished in 28:34 with 9:11/mile splits. not my fastest, but also definitely not my slowest!

the race ended with beer from jack's abby and nice sweaty hug from my friend jess and her husband doug (who also ran and smoked the shit out of my time). i'm debating signing up for the fall race but who are we kidding i'll probably do it because free beer.

also: i know race recaps can be really boring and whatever, but it feels really good to be out running strong after the great fall of 2014. i dropped 3 minutes from my last 5k time back in november when my foot was still wonky so YAH GO ME.

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