links lately: lilly x target edition

last weekend, i joined the masses and went to lilly pulitzer for target. now that we're a few days out and the dust has settled, i figured we'd recap. so let's go.
Upstream Lilly Pulitzer
here's what my morning looked like in a nutshell:

6:30am - alarm goes off. i want to die. remind myself that a $38 dress is very worth it.
6:50am - out the door. past alex has left an iced tea in the car for present alex. #blessed.
6:56am - rounding the corner to target. watch me be the only crazy in this damn target.
6:57am - jkjkjkjkjk there is a line 30 deep already. pedal to the metal to find a spot.
6:59am - out of the car and in line. thankfully, i'm in the sun but it's definitely a little cold.
7:05am - bored out of my mind. text emily about her situation. hers is approximately the same as mine. feel moderately better about standing in line for the next 55 minutes.
7:07am - wellllllll let's just check the target website to see if anything is available...
7:08am - ...nevermind everything is sold out and the world is terrible.
7:15am - start chatting with the girls behind me. one of them is running the marathon! we trade war stories.
7:25am - the five girls i've made friends with are as nervous as i am. we're also getting progressively more pissed at the girls pulling into the parking lot now and jumping the line to stand with their friends in front of us.
7:30am - the line is officially around the store.
7:30-7:44am - more strategizing with the ladies.
7:45am - 15 MORE MINUTES OH GOD.
7:52am - the manager has come out and is giving us the lay of the land. he's also asking us to please not run in the store. lol.
7:55am - "this is worse than black friday" - target manager. pink sunday forever.
7:59am - i will take these bitches out if they take my dress.
8:00:30am - DRESS ACQUIRED.
8:01am - oh god i'm getting claustrophobic.
8:01:05am - reach to grab white lace top. immediately there are 20 arms reaching around me. time to give up and go to the dressing room. turn around and see the racks are decimated.
8:02am - a woman in front of me at the dressing room has too many items to bring into the room, so she hands back the upstream pom pom shorts. THEY ARE MY SIZE I WILL TAKE THEM THANK YOU BABY JESUS.
8:05am - out of the dressing room with my goods.
8:07am - walked to home goods section, the only lilly left is the hammock stand. well then.
8:08am - remember to get paper towels. witness a girl simultaneously crying and staring at my lilly goods. hustle away.
8:10am - checked out and DONE WITH THIS PLACE.

my ptsd is in check now, so we're good.

and now! some lilly links!
+ the best tweets from lilly for target (you might notice a familiar face hiiiii emily)

+ the argument that lilly pulitzer is not fashion

+ the counter argument (sidenote, i tend to agree that it's fashion, but not for the reasons listed in this article)

so there you have it! lilly for target! did any of you go? let's trade war stories!

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