on writer's block

every once in a while, i don't have anything to say. there are tons of things i could (and should) talk about; places to tell you about and fun things to do, but i'm struggling.
we went away on our honeymoon, finally! on our one year anniversary we jetted off to the dominican republic. we had the loveliest time and spent the whole week relaxing and just enjoying each other's company. i loved every second of it. so coming back to boston was tough, but we were ready to get back to life.

but then i got sick. i got laryngitis and talking and just being out was exhausting. every night i'd come home from work and climb right into bed. i'd sleep and rest and watch netflix. i felt remarkably unproductive. lazy. gross. i couldn't exercise because breathing was difficult. it was rough. and i fell into a funk. not a bad funk, but definitely a funk.

funks are weird for me. i'm fine to go out and see my friends, but i don't feel all there. i can put on a smiley face and do fun things, but i'm just...i don't know. my mind is in another place.

but this weekend, i started feeling better. my voice came back, my throat stopped its dull ache, and i got back on the road. i ran a few miles. i signed up for a race and then another one. and yesterday, i cheered for all the amazing runners who cruised their way to the boston marathon finish line.

i shed tears of happiness for them and their accomplishment, and i saw so much strength. and it helped pull me out of my funk.

so i'm not back 100%, but i'm getting there. one step at a time.

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