on seeing your name in print

i woke up on sunday morning wondering if that was going to be the day. the day i had been so worried the whole week wouldn't actually happen. see there was this thing last week. an interview. for a weekly feature i had often admired and, in fact, had often seen my friends and bostonians i greatly admire in (ex 1, 2, 3, 4 and many many more). and they wanted to talk to me! little ol' me.

i didn't really think the globe would really want to feature me. i mean, i know social media is my job, but i just didn't think i was at THAT level. but hey! who knew. maybe this was real. so i did the interview on wednesday and waited.

sunday morning, i got a text from a friend. her father-in-law was flipping through the paper and saw me! it was real. it was happening.
the rest of the day was a big blur of congratulations, excitement, work (duh) and new followers. so hello, new friends! welcome! i'm so glad you're here. thank you for joining me, and to everyone who's been here for a while, thank you for always being there. for constantly making my day with your comments, love and support.

love you all.

p.s. a few people asked on insta, so in case you were wondering my dress is anthro (technically a tunic but whatever) and my sandals are saltwater. and yes, i realize i completely contradicted what i said about my personal fashion in this photo. but whatever.

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