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comin' atcha a little late because this week has been nothing short of a doozy. can i get an amen for a long weekend soon?
+ nordstrom's half yearly sale kicked off this week, with up to 40% off some of the best things ever. i usually use this sale to stock up on some necessities like frye boots and jack rogers sandals, but this bag also might make its way into my closet sometime very soon... (sale is until the 31st, so get to it!)

+ speaking of sales, take an additional 30% off sale at madewell; i want too many things to count.

+ it's commencement season! here are some great speeches so far!

+ an awesome article about tess holliday, quite possibly the best thing to happen to modeling.

+ this podcast from jessica murnane makes my week extra killer, but i really enjoyed this week's guest. hits all the things (though parenting talk doesn't apply to me)!

i hope you all have an excellent long weekend! enjoy the sunshine!

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