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guys! it's finally friday! but also i wanted to say thank you for all the love and support on my last post; for some reason, it can be scary to admit i'm doing something a little different (taking a second job), and i'm always bracing for judgment (hi, 16-year-old alex), but you guys filled me with so much love! so thank you! you rock! if you ever want to chat about what we can be doing better for our bodies, you know who to call.

onto links!
+ last night i took a spin class in copley square. legitimately. spun outside with everyone staring at me with a bunch of awesome women because, as my shirt says, girls run this town. new balance girls night out is all about bringing fitness and fun to ladies across the country, so definitely check it out if it's in your city!

+ this ny times piece about nail salons is very interesting; also, as someone who's heard every offensive thing about asian people in nail salons, i hope this opens people's eyes.

+ dave goldberg passed away last weekend, and it's so so sad. this letter to sheryl sandberg is incredibly moving.

+ do you think i should treat myself to this dress for my birthday? please say yes.

+ espn dove deep into the life madison holleran portrayed on social media, and what was really happening. i know bloggers are always all my life is nothing like it appears online! i struggle! but this is real struggle, and this is what we need to be aware of.

+ if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend, my gal pal emily is sharing something super fun that's totally worth the day trip orrrrrrr make a weekend out of it!

i hope you all have a beautiful weekend! and don't forget mom! lots of love to all the moms, but especially my amazing, dedicated and loving momma. love you mom!

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