on being an adult

being an adult is a strange thing. you know, sometimes it feels like i woke up and bam! i was a grown up! i had to make big decisions! so here's a nonsensical things i've learned about being an adult.
+ you get to eat ice cream and drink rose for dinner if you want

+ but you really ought to eat some vegetables and drink a lot of water

+ you can cry over everything and anything, if you feel like it

+ you're not forced to tell anyone why you're crying, if you feel like it

+ you can stay in on a friday night

+ you can go out on a saturday night

+ you can always go out or never go out and no one needs to judge

+ you control your own destiny

+ no, that's not a joke

+ you don't need to live your life to please others

+ you are the most important person in your life

+ no, that's not a joke either; take care of yourself

+ no one can pressure you into marriage, kids, an apartment, a bad haircut; you do you, boo boo

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