on challenging yourself

i think an important part of growing up is facing challenges head on. i also think an important part of furthering your growth is by bringing challenges into your life willingly.
it's very easy to settle into routines as an adult. you get up, maybe exercise before work (maybe after), go to work, eat whatever works for your lifestyle, see friends every so often, go to sleep. weekends might have a little more variety, but i've found more often than not that people don't like to go outside of their comfort zone too often.

a lot of the people i surround myself with don't fall into this category. they are beautiful women who take it upon themselves to try new things. to think outside the box. and i'm constantly inspired by them and their dedication to challenge themselves.

so i'm changing things up a bit. i'm trying something new. some of you may have seen on instagram: i'll be joining the follain team! it's part-time, but i'm very excited to learn an entirely new industry. i feel very passionately about the shop (i've blogged about them a few times!), and i'm excited to help more people learn a healthier way to live. this isn't very conventional, having two jobs, but i'm ok with it. this challenge will help me grow into a better version of myself.


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