on not liking people

i think there's an immense amount of pressure placed on people (mostly women) to like everyone. and i'm here to share an important message that most people don't tell you: you don't have to like everyone.
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shocking, right? over the last few years, i've felt the nagging pressure to like everyone. to be everyone's friend. to follow everyone on instagram (oh boy, don't get me started on following people on instagram). to support everyone because that's what we do as women/bloggers/humans! we bring each other up! no matter what! WOO!

except, hold on a second. not woo. i am an individual, who has her own distinct personality. i have my own set of priorities, likes and dislikes, and am generally an outspoken person. so it's impossible for me to get along with everyone.

i think there's been some confusion over supporting, admiring and liking people. there are plenty of people who i will provide support to, but don't necessarily want to spend all my free time with. there are tons of folks whom i admire, but i might not necessarily support each and every political viewpoint they have. and there are tons of people whom i genuinely like, hell even love, but i sure as hell don't support everything they do.

so the big secret: you don't have to like everyone. you can be cordial, you can inquire as to how they're doing, and even have an honest, genuine conversation with them! but you don't have to like them.

that's the beauty of being an adult, right? you don't have to invite every kid in your class to your birthday party! you can choose who you want to spend your time with, whose blogs you want to read, who you want to follow on instagram.

it's a hard realization for some people to have, i think. but i know when it clicked for me, i felt a little bit lighter. you know, like i didn't have someone else's feelings or problems weighing down on me. suddenly, i could go into a conversation with them, not feel pressured to, in turn, make them like me. it was just a conversation. and then i'd graciously leave, and find my friends.

not liking people doesn't make you a bitch. it doesn't make you mean and unsupportive, and if anyone tries to tell you differently, you can listen, agree to disagree, and move on. then go find your friends.

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