introducing winesday

guys! i'm so excited to share my very exciting project with you all! but first, i'll wax poetic in words real quick.

i know, i'm the worst.

sarah and i have been friends for more than five years. we met in college and just clicked really fast and i don't know it's just been super awesome to have a friend who knows a lot about me and the stupid stuff i did in college in my city. and it's super awesome to have a friend down the street from me who i can call and ask to come drink wine with me, or bake with me, or just generally hang out. it's really really awesome.

and even more awesome? having a friend who's known you for so long say "yes" when you come up with a harebrained idea to start a youtube channel. so i'd like to welcome you to winesday. we're still working out some of the kinks, but i hope you like it. and i really hope you'll watch and subscribe and maybe give us some ideas or thoughts for future winesdays.

this was super fun to put together, especially with one of my best friends. so now i'll stop talking and let you watch. yay!

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