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this week breezed by until i started feeling sick wednesday night, and then everything came to a grinding halt. but now it's friday! this weekend we're shipping off to newport so i can run the newport 10-miler and so we can enjoy a weekend outside the city. here are some links to ease you into the weekend!
+ urban grape is probably the best wine store in the city, and they offer free wine tastings every thursday and friday night from 5-8 and saturdays from 3-6 at both their locations (in chestnut hill and the south end). i visited them with some fab boston bloggers and had a blast learning all about italian wines, specifically roses and sparkling wines. and, of course, i left with a bunch of fun bottles for myself!

+ i love the mtv show catfish, so i was obsessed with this story of falling in love with a person who didn't really exist.

+ don't be surprised if you see me wearing this hat sometime soon (thanks becca!).

+ i'm currently debating adding this dress to my wardrobe. thoughts?

+ friday jamz.

+ wesley lowery is an awesome reporter with the washington post, and everyone wants him to shut up. i liked learning more about him, especially since i've followed him on twitter for quite some time.

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