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this week has been nothing short of a whirlwind; from events out to making plans to education classes at general assembly. it was amazing, but a little exhausting. but it's the weekend! HOORAY! let's celebrate with some links.
in case you forgot what i looked like
+ the anthropologie tag sale is here again! get all the best seasonal items for up to 50% off! i picked up some french inspired plates. because of course.

+ an incredibly touching piece about a disappearing fiance. be sure to read both parts.

+ brought a crisp pair of white brikenstocks into my wardrobe and i couldn't be more excited.

+ did you know gisele an i have something in common? we're both obsessed with rms beauty, and here's an awesome interview with rms founder rose marie swift!

+ disney channel movies ranked by feminism. because why not?

+ i picked up this lululemon running tank last week and it's quickly become one of my favorites. and i can wear it a few days in a row without smelling! #blessed.

+ i'm booking a breather this afternoon for a fun project with my friend sarah. i'll have a more in-depth review soon, but in the meantime get an hour in a breather for free with the code LITERALLYEVERYTHING.

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