race recap: newport 10 miler

there's always something so daunting about running a race distance you've never done before, even if you've run that same distance dozens of times before on other training runs. does that make sense? because even though i've run 10 miles multiple times over training for half marathons and my full marathons, i had never tried racing that distance before.
my training for the newport 10 miler was ok at best. i've been getting used to standing more working at follain, but my legs have been tight and knotted constantly. and then there was my foot pain! way back in october i face planted while running in beacon hill and tore part of my plantar fascia (and also hurt my pride). i had to drop out of a half marathon i had been training for while i rehabbed my foot. this spring it's been feeling better, but if i don't stretch enough i feel a dull ache. so instead of pushing myself this training season, i cut back whenever i felt that pain, and i'd run again once it felt better. sometimes, that would take a whole week.

needless to say, i had low expectations for this race. initially i had been hoping for 1:40, but as my training fell further and further back, i figured anything under 1:50 would be a success.

but as i toed the start line on sunday, something just felt really good about the day, the race and my running. so i decided i'd push for the 1:40. i've never sustained 10-minute miles in a longer race before. i usually hover around the 10:35-45 area, so if i could manage this, it'd be huge.

i started off fast (of course), with a sub-10, and i actually managed to hold around a 9:30-minute mile for the first two miles before i fell back closer to 10-minute miles. i kept telling myself, the glory of this finish would last forever. walking could wait. i kept pushing.

the course was beautiful, all along ocean drive in newport, and past the glorious mansions. the fabulous houses and beautiful ocean views kept me interested in the scenery, even though it got a bit hot on the long stretches by the water. with no shade and bright sun, we all got sweaty pretty quickly. and there were a lot of hills. rolling hills, mostly, but my god they just didn't stop.
stride by captured by my best cheerleader, craig
the finish line was inside fort adams, and i know that area well from the newport folk festival, so once the roads started looking familiar again, i knew it was time to push. i dug deep and eeked out a 9:35-minute mile for mile 10, spotted craig just before entering the fort, and crossed that sweet sweet finish line at 1:39:53.
excited can't accurately describe how i felt upon seeing that timer. i was the most excited panda in the landa, and i chugged my post-race harpoon beer victoriously. the race was beautiful, the event staff was amazing and well-organized, and i had an amazing time. it's not too far from boston (about 90 minutes driving) so it's easy to get to, and we were home by early afternoon. the only downsides are no medals and the race shirts aren't technical shirts, but for a $40 race, i'm not picky.

so there you have it! a great success out of a super shitty training season! hooray! great races leave me feeling on top of the world, so i'll be walking on clouds for a few more days.

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