on finding happiness

this post title might be misleading. i can't tell you how to find happiness. at least, i don't think so. it's all so personal. so if that's what you're looking for, i'm really sorry.
it just hit me it's been 5 years since i graduated from college, and i'm a hell of a lot closer to 30 than i am 20. and i've spent a lot of time being unhappy. unhappy with myself, with my life, with decisions i've made. and being unhappy teaches you a lot of things. it teaches you resilience. but mostly, it teaches you what things do truly make you happy.

so many things make me happy. spending time with toby! craig! running! helping people! playing with dogs! laughing with my friends! reading good books! so. many. things. and since i know these things, i make time to do them as often as possible.

at this point in my life, i don't see a point in continuing things, activities, relationships that make me unhappy. why would i, when i know what's on the other side? why spend any more time being unhappy.

i've learned recently just how precious life really is. which, i know, is so cliche and overdone. but it takes bad things happening to learn that (which is another post in itself). but life is beautiful. so let's spend more time doing things that make us happy. finding our own happiness. whatever that means to you.

oh, and my lipstick is neon angel by ilia. obviously available at follain!

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