things i've been loving lately

it's been a while since i've shared some of the products/things/awesome stuff i love, so i figured we'd go over that today. how does that sound?
+ i waited many moons for the above paper crown x rifle paper co dress from anthropologie. i wound up ordering it for my birthday in may, and it finally showed up this weekend. while my exact dress is sold out, this dress is in the same print! i'm wearing it with my lotta from stockholm clogs. they're beyond comfortable, and everyone needs to pretend they've never seen this outfit when i wear it all summer.

+ this mask by may lindstrom is wow-worthy. i've been exposed to a lot of new and awesome products since starting at follain, but i think this one is the most effective and amazing. it's a 45-minute mask, so it requires a little dedication, and it heats your face a little while it's on (that's the amazing warming spices doing their work). it's great for all skin types, but if you have oily, combination or problematic skin, this will be your jam. it's a bit pricey at $90, but the jar is massive and will last you a year if not more! it's not called the problem solver for nothing.

+ i just started the vacationers, and so far i think it's pretty good. it's pretty appropriate as a summer read since it's about a family's summer vacation to mallorca. it's light, even though it's tackling some heavy subjects like infidelity, and i've found myself laughing to myself a few times. check it out if you're so inclined.

+ healthy breakfasts are my jam! have you seen my post about an awesome portable breakfast? peep it for a recipe and a coupon code!

+ some of you probably already know of her, but i was recently introduced to vlogger ingrid nilsen and omg guys. i love her. i'm obsessed with her. i may or may not have watched most a lot of her videos in just a few days. she's fun and approachable and i just wanna hang with her all the time.

+ this isn't new but my saltwater sandals have been getting a lot of love this summer. i added a tan pair to my collection, and they're the best for walking all around the city. i'm also loving the gold and silver pairs but someone really needs to stop me before all i have are saltwaters.

so there you have it! just a few of the things i've been loving. what are you obsessed with lately?

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